Hi, I‘m Zorika

and I‘m a visual storyteller.
You can read my comics below and hire me
as a comic artist, character designer
or traditional animator


To give you an accurate price estimate I‘ll need to know some details.
Please try to answer these questions as best you can:

1. What do you need?
comic art, character design, animation, other?

2. What is it for?
2.1. medium (print, web, tv)
2.2. purpose (education, entertainment, advertisement)

3. What colouring do you want?
(colour, grey tones, black and white,)

4. Any specific style? Do you have examples?

5. How many returning characters are involved? Any animals or robots?

6. What are the setting and genre? What landscapes will be featured?

7. Do you need a cover illustration?

8. How many pages (or panels) do you need?

9. What page dimensions do you need (a4, a5, webtoon, other)?
Do you have a template?

10. Do you have a Deadline?

I‘ll get back to you with a price estimate as soon as possible.
For more detailed information please read the Terms & Conditions.



    Awkward Moments is a comic strip journal, inspired by my daily life. You can read it for free on webtoon. Like, subscribe and tell your friends about it! It‘s the easiest way to support my work!

    Who am I?

    I‘m Zorika. I‘ve been a visual storyteller all my life.
    I started drawing comics from an early age with a brief
    interruption to get my degrees in graphic-design and 2D animation.
    Originally from rural Baden-Württemberg, Germany, I now
    live and work in the windy suburbs of Leeds, UK.

    What can I do for you?

    You can hire me as a comic artist, wether you are a
    professional comic writer, a beginner or representing
    a publisher. Just specify when you send me your inquiry.
    You can also hire me as character designer and a
    traditional animator.

    What I would love to draw, you ask?

    Emotional storytelling and atmospheric settings are my passion.
    I’m into transgenerational themes, ancestral magic and magical realism.
    Anything taking place outdoors or dealing with myths and folklore is a plus.
    My favourite genres are historical fiction, slice of life, mystery and drama.
    I wouldn’t mind a good adventure or coming of age story.
    And nothing beats a meaningful story that doesn’t take itself to seriously.
    If I love your characters I’ll take on your trashy romance story.
    I’m very comfortable drawing action and fighting scenes as well.

    Some of my all time favourite works include:
    This one Summer (Mariko & Jillian Tamaki), Hilda (Luke Pearson),
    Fullmetal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa), Seconds (Bryan Lee O’Malley),
    Stand Still Stay Silent (Minna Sundberg) and Coraline
    (Film adaptation by Studio Laika).

    I’m still discovering my boundaries, so for now I’m open to all inquiries!

    I’m not interested in: sports, steampunk or anything involving
    lots of cars and non-humanoid robots.


    Not quite sure yet? Send any questions or inquiries my way at here.

    or consider hiring me for a shortstory.
    Seriously, it can be a one-pager!

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